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Vancouver Chinatown Foundation

- Overview -

I was approached by The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation to help design event material for their annual inaugural gala. These items included a mug, tote bag and a gala event program.

- Process -

With the mug and tote bag, the foundation wanted a design that portrayed a message of love for Chinatown and wanted a design similar to the iconic “I Heart NY” design. I explored designs that played with the I Heart NY design, but it became apparent that the word “Chinatown” was too large of a word to pair it with “I Heart”. Instead I used the word “Love” with a heart replacing the “o” to keep the design similar to what they initially wanted and allow it to balance out with the length of “Chinatown”. After the final design was chosen, the design was replicated onto the tote bag.

I was also asked to designed 3-panel square brochure which explained the history of the foundation as well as included the gala menu for the night. The foundation briefed me on which pages they wanted the content, pictures and sponsor logos. My task was to create a layout for all these elements to flow together. I started my process by placing the content in the corresponding pages and balancing the visual weight with the given images, all the while ensuring each page felt like it was part of a whole. I also replicated a graphic from a previous email campaign that the organization did to create a cover page to ensure visual brand consistency.

I was also tasked to complete a double sided 3 panel square brochure that was to be placed on the table seats at the gala event. The foundation provided me an outline of which page they wanted the content, pictures they wanted to use in the program and sponsor logos. My task was to place all of these elements together to make sure the information and the layout design flowed from page to page. I started the design by placing the content in the panels and then filling in the white space with images. The sponsor page was designed by having the top logos larger then smaller as it goes down the page to symbolize the rank. The gala event program cover was inspired by an design that was part of the email campaign they already had.

After the event, the client relayed to me that my designs were complimented and well received by the attendees and that they played a role in the success of the event. This experience as a whole helped me better understand how to emulate a brand identity better.

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