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NF DreamMakers Website

- Overview -

As DreamMakers caters to online customers, an e-commerce website is a key part of their business model. With the Shopify framework in place, DreamMakers tasked me with the art direction for the site. Through the website, I wanted to keep the provide a minimal feel to showcase high-end, luxury brand products, as well as provide visitors with a functional site that displayed enough information to guide them though. Using my HTML and CSS knowledge, I was required to adjust the Shopify theme to create that experience and match DreamMakers brand guidelines.

- Process -

My process began by diving into the Shopify framework and understanding how the site functioned. From there, I was able to go into and make layout changes accordingly. I paired a serif title font and sans-serif body font combination to create a contrast and a sense that this was a high-end luxury brand. I also utilized the company’s blue as an accent color in the links and buttons to give the idea that the color indicated interactivity.

I created the homepage to have a bright, vivid splash image to highlight the main promotional product. After the fold, I utilized an asymmetrical grid layout containing more images paired with text to create variety. Further down the page, I kept a banner space available for other company promotional items to keep the marketing consistent. I also felt it was important to give customer testimonials for social proof towards the end of the page. One of the promotional items that were being pushed would also be featured on the homepage to give it further emphasis. The company’s instagram feed is also featured on the homepage to help push the company’s social media presence.

Below is a few of the banner designs that have been used for the DreamMakers website.

  • love banner
  • spring cleaning banner
  • plush towel banner

For DreamMakers, I was also required to do some product photography for the website, as images of the products were not available elsewhere. These include photos of the bed linen, packaging, and specialty products, which I helped set up a studio space to photograph. I also designed other site assets including banner and promotional ads, which were required to be updated when the company needed to promote new items.

This experience was a great learning opportunity for me, being able to learn about how a framework like Shopify works and figuring out how to make it work for me. It was also fun for me to take my own creative direction with the site and translate the DreamMakers brand into an online e-commerce experience.

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