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DreamMakers Promotional Material

- Overview -

NF DreamMakers tasked me to design promotional cards that were to be included in all shipments to customers. These promotional cards were made with the intent to give returning customers incentive to purchase more products.

I was initially given a rough wireframe of a layout that the client had in mind, and I was to develop it. In total, I designed two different postcards, both highlighting specific products that the company wanted to push.

The first postcard was designed with a “We Miss You” message in mind. The front of the postcard featured an inviting, vivid image of a bed to grab the customer’s attention, with the content highlighting an incentives and the company contact information. The back of the card highlights the main two products on spotlight as well as discount information available to them. The postcard was designed with the company’s visual brand in mind to keep consistency.

The second postcard was designed to highlight a new product, which was in this case, bath towels. I based the content around the image, making it the main visual anchor. I wanted the design to convey the theme of summer and used visual highlights that represent the season. The customer discount was also intentionally highlighted with the secondary accent color to grab attention.

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